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My figurative work tends toward the realistic. I find great challenges and inspiration in trying to capture the beauty of the human form.

The most recent series are tall figures I call “Silent Watchers”, which draws it’s inspiration partly from a 3rd century B.C. Etruscan bronze figurine called “Ombra della Sera” or Shadow of the Evening. The other portion of the inspiration comes from my constant effort to use my offcut stone. A 3”x 6” x 6 feet tall piece of Cambrian Black granite, left over from a powder room vanity sink project, became a tall slender figure called “Our Lady of the Garden”. Then, I was offered some leftover tall slender pieces of travertine, which naturally could only be used to continue the series. Next was a thin ten foot tall piece of Texas Limestone which called to me as the next figure. Each new piece is a progression of the one before.

My effort in this series is to create a simple, slightly abstracted form, yet with realistic facial features. The closed eyes are to draw you in, and allow you to impart your own understanding of the inner self that the facial expressions hold. I try to impart a certain meditative feeling of peacefulness and serenity, yet fully awake and aware.

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